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Steve Chavez - A Short Biography


Steve Chavez was born in Los Angeles, California. He was not a very attractive child so he realized that his gifts of personality and imagination could earn him the attention he craved first from family members then the public at large. He attended various primary schools, enjoying the small triumphs and weathering the stereotypical tragedies that most American children experience.

While high school was not his time to shine, Steve discovered that he had a talent for performance and creativity. He joined the school paper, writing articles and providing hand drawn artwork for the monthly publication. He taught himself to play the piano and wrote his first song at 15 then designed his first book cover for a professional author at 16. He accepted an opportunity to  draw editorial illustrations for a regional newspaper shortly after. Before he graduated, he had established himself as an artist to be reckoned with.

Studying art at San Diego State University, Steve discovered the kind of person he really wanted to be. Coming out of his shell, he became a professional clown, studying under local notables. After doing his four years at the university, he established himself as a professional artist, premiere musician, and in demand corporate entertainer.

It was at this time that he met the love of his life and chased her till she caught him. Together, they had a little girl and discovered just what a wonder and blessing they had been bestowed with.


Steve had his original music published and performed regularly for thousands over time. For several years, Steve even enjoyed a position as the official face of the San Diego Zoo as it's Zoo Greeter and MC. Of course, performing as Santa Claus for children and their families was a yearly treat. Steve eventually gave up the fake beard and wig in favor of growing his own and is much happier. He makes personal appearances to families of four to gatherings of thousands, bringing his own brand of special Christmas cheer every year.

It was almost by accident that Steve discovered his musical skills handily lent themselves to books. He had been telling stories for years in his songs as well as to his daughter, but hadn't ever thought of publishing them on the written page. Since that day, he has been writing down ideas, thoughts, and more. You can find hundreds of his published inspirational and motivational reflections under the title of A Thought for the Day on social media, the internet at large, and on multiple pages/sites. 

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