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Welcome to Crownkey Publishing. We focus on family friendly books as well as inspirational and motivational publications. We are currently focusing on our Spotlight Author, Steve Chavez, and his book, "The Year Santa's Beard Turned Dark!" Scroll to learn a little more about him and his book!

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Steve Chavez

Spotlight Author

The Year Santa's Beard Turned Dark! (2020)


What happens when Santa Claus wakes up to find his snowy white beard has turned dark as night? With some smart thinking, Santa has a secret disguise! This new Holiday book by Steve Chavez promises to bring smiles to faces every year! 

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Praise and Reviews

Praise & Reviews

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"It's refreshing to see something unique in today's market. Most stories about Santa are similar in content so reading this was a twist to the typical story. My kids and the neighbor kids loved the book. It was short and sweet. The artwork was much better quality than other books of its type. Lastly, and most importantly, it showed Santa can be like all of us. Everyone sees their own flaws greater than those around them. The fact that Santa was self conscious about his beard shows it's ok to have insecurities because and it will work out in the end. We can't wait for another book from this author."

- Jerry H

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"We absolutely love it! Such a cute and unique book! I can’t wait to read it to my kiddo year after year ❤️"


- Samantha B

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"Can't recommend this book highly enough! I love the Christmas classics of course, but it's very refreshing to finally have an original Christmas story. The artwork is wonderful and charming as well. Perhaps my favorite part was the idea that Santa walks among us during the year and we could run into him in the store, the bank, or on our morning jog, if we're looking close enough. What a wonderful way to keep up the Christmas spirit all year long!"

- Lucais H

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"What delightful book! It has been added to the list of books that we will read during the holidays to our grandchildren for years to come!"

- Mike S

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The story is so different from the usual Christmas stories! It has a year long message for children, to be good because Santa could be watching! The size of the book lends itself to be shared while reading to a child and the illustrations are well done as the story unfolds & colorful!

- Yolanda C

"My Kids and I love the book! It was so special to have heard it read from Santa himself! We will be enjoying this book for years and years! I love that the story is different than others and easy to read!"

- Heather N



Steve Chavez is available for personal appearances to read his book, The Year Santa's Beard Turned Dark! at your book store, library, or private gathering. Please click the contact link below to inquire about your personal appearance.


Want to know a secret?

Just like Santa in The Year Santa's Beard Turned Dark!, Steve's beard also magically changes at Christmas as well! With decades of experience bringing the Spirit of Christmas to families as well as corporate functions throughout the Southern California area, every appearance is customized and can even include sing alongs, interactive games, gift giving, and, of course, story time! 

Book early as dates fill up fast!

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Steve Chavez

Steve Chavez has remained happily married to his first and only wife, raised a well adjusted and confident child, and maintains a firm belief in Santa Claus.


Steve also bears a striking resemblance to a certain main character in his book, "The Year Santa's Beard Turned Dark!," in the fact that his beard also magically changes colors in early November, allowing him to bring the Spirit of Christmas to families all over the Southern California area every year as a real bearded Santa Claus.

If he isn't writing new stories, you can often find him writing songs of every genre, restoring vintage pictures, creating new digital art. or entertaining the masses with a gleeful smile on his face.

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About Steve Chavez
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